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Hot Springs

Two Wata-no-yu, Yubatake and Yubatake, which are rare in Kusatsu

You can enjoy two types of Wata-no-yu Kusatsu, one of the few "Yubatake" and "Wata-no-yu"

All four baths are available for private use.
Of course, guests can enjoy as many times as they like with no charter fee.
Ichinoyu-Sannoyu is the source of Yubatake, and Wata no Yu is the source of Wata no Yu.
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List of hot springs

  • Ichi-no-yu

  • Ni-no-yu

  • San-no-yu

  • Wata-no-yu

  • Usage guide

    Hot spring bath hours
    From 05:30 to 24:00
    Hot spring bathing category
    mixed bathing
    Hot spring qualities
    Acid-sulfate・Chloride spring (Acidic hypotonic hot spring)
    Yubatake source:Transparent, strong acidity, slightly sulfurized odor, hot water is soft./Wata-no-yu spring:Slight suspension, strong acidity, sulfurous odor, hot water is soft.
    Do not wear precious metals because of the acidic nature of the spring.
    There is a risk of discoloration and deterioration due to oxidation.

    It is available from 05:30 to 24:00, but is not available from 9:45 to 11:00 due to cleaning time.Sorry, please understand.
    Please be careful especially for guests who stay consecutively.
    Usage fee
    All guests can use the hotel free of charge. No charter fee is required.